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2nd ESNI Course

27 - 30 June 2001








Chairs: R. Liblau and C. Linington


08.45-09.00 Introductory remarks
09.00-09.40 Natural autoimmunity (M. Kazatchkine)
09.50-10.30 Autoimmunity and its regulation (J-F Bach)
10.40-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.40 Protective autoimmunity (M. Schwartz)
11.50-12.30 CNS autoimmunity and thymic expression of self-antigens (V. Kuchroo)
12.40-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 Oligodendrocyte directed autoimmunity (C. Linington)
15.50-16.30 Autoimmunity against astrocytes (R. Liblau)
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break
17.00-17.40 Autoimmunity against neurons in the context of paraneoplastic neurological syndromes (R. Darnell)
17.50-18.30 Autoimmunity in animal models of multiple sclerosis (H. Lassmann)


Chairs: N. Baumann and N. J. Scolding


09.00-09.40 Interactions between T-cells and glia (F. Aloisi)
09.50-10.30 Cytokine control of neuron survival (H. Gascan)
10.40-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.40 Inflammatory responses in the CNS (H. Perry)
11.50-12.30 Lymphocyte-endothelial cell dialogue (D. Male)
12.40-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 Neuroimmune interplay in the thymus in myasthenia gravis (S. Berrih-Aknin)
15.50-16.30 Alzheimer's disease and neuroinflammation (P. McGeer)
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break
17.00-17.40 The neuro-endocrine system and autoimmunity (S. Lightman)
17.50-18.30 Prion diseases and the immune system (A. Aguzzi)


Chairs: R. Hohlfeld and H-P. Hartung


09.00-09.40 Basis of immunotherapy of CNS diseases (L. Adorini)
09.50-10.30 Mechanisms of glatiramer acetate and interferon-beta: what can we learn for future therapies (R. Hohlfeld)
10.40-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.40 Therapeutic use of immunoglobulin (R. Gold) Cochrane systematic reviews of treatment for inflammatory neuropathy (R. Hughes)
12.40-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 Autoimmunity at the neuromuscular junction (J. Newsom-Davis)
15.50-16.30 Immunotherapy of inflammatory myopathies (M. Dalakas)
16.30-17.00 Coffe Break
17.00-17.40 Current concepts of multiple sclerosis therapy (H-P. Hartung)
17.50-18.30 Immunotherapy for paraneoplastic neurological autoimmune diseases (R. Voltz)


Chairs: D. Karussis and G. Martino


09.00-09.40 Neural stem cells: transdifferentiation (A. Vescovi)
09.50-10.30 Identification of neural stemm cells in the embryo and in the adult brain (C. Johansson)
10.40-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.40 Neuronal stem cells and neuronal spheres (M. Dubois-Dalcq)
11.50-12.30 The concept of haemopoetic stem cells transplantation in autoimmunity (S. Slavin)
12.40-15.00 Lunch
15.00-15.40 Schwann cell transplantation and myelin repair in CNS and PNS (B. Van Evercoreen)
15.50-16.30 Experience with neuronal stem cells transplantation in models of neuroimmune diseases (T. Ben-Hur)
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break
17.00-17.40 Transplantation of embryonic stem cells-derived neural precursors (O. Brustle)
17.50-18.30 Embryonic neuronal cells transplantation in CNS degenerative diseases (M. Pechanski)
18.30-18.45 Concluding remarks

Organizing Committee

  • Reinhard Hohlfeld (Germany)
  • Dimitrios Karussis (Israel)
  • Nils Erik Gilhus (Norway)
  • Roland Liblau - Local Organizer (France)
  • Gianvito Martino (Italy)
  • Neil Scolding (UK)

Speakers and Chairs

  • Luciano Adorini (Italy)
  • Adriano Aguzzi (Switzerland)
  • Francesca Aloisi (Italy)
  • Jean-Francois Bach (France)
  • Nicole Baumann (France)
  • Tamir Ben-Hur (Israel)
  • Sonia Berrih-Aknin (France)
  • Oliver Brustle (Germany)
  • Marinos Dalakas (USA)
  • Robert B. Darnell (USA)
  • Monique Dubois-Dalcq (France)
  • Hughes Gascan (France)
  • Ralf Gold (Germany)
  • Hans-Peter Hartung (Germany)
  • Reinhard Hohlfeld (Germany)
  • Richard Hughes (UK)
  • Clas Johansson (Sweden)
  • Dimitrios Karussis (Israel)
  • Michel Kazatchkin (France)
  • Vijay Kuchroo (USA)
  • Hans Lassmann (Austria)
  • Roland Liblau (France)
  • Stafford Lightman (UK)
  • Christopher Linington (UK)
  • David Male (UK)
  • Gianvito Martino (Italy)
  • Pat McGeer (Canada)
  • John Newsom-Davis (UK)
  • Marc Pechanski (France)
  • Hugh V. Perry (UK)
  • Michal Schwartz (Israel)
  • Neil J. Scolding (UK)
  • Shimon Slavin (Israel)
  • Barron Van Evercoreen (France)
  • Angelo L. Vescovi (Italy)
  • Raymond Voltz (Germany)

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