News from the global Schools of Neuroimmunology

News from the schools of ISNI the Global Schools of Neuroimmunology We are pleased to report on the activities of the Global Schools of Neuroimmunology (GSNI). GSNI encompasses the regional schools of the European School of Neuroimmunology (ESNI), Americas School of Neuroimmunology (ASNI), Asia-Pacific School of Neuroimmunology (APSNI) and the African School of Neuroimmunology (AfSNI).  All four schools have been very active which we are delighted to report on. ESNI has been hosting monthly virtual journal clubs that have been very well attended. A planned in-person school planned for 2022 could not take place due to unforeseen circumstances. ASNI held [...]

05/02/2015|Categories: Schools|
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