Leite, Isabel

5 February 2013
Date of birth
23 June 1958

Academic and professional qualifications

• 1983 Bachelor’s degree in Medicine (MD) by University of Porto

• 2008 DPhil degree by the University of Oxford

• 1984-1991 Trainee in General Medicine and Neurology, Porto

• 1992-1998 Assistant Neurologist, Porto

• 1999 Consultant Neurologist, Porto

• 2008 Clinician Postdoctoral Researcher, Oxford

Current position

Clinician postdoctoral scientist at the Neuroimmunology Group (Prof Vincent) and Department
of Clinical Neurology (Prof Kennard), John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University, UK (2008 -)

Current activities

• Consultant neurologist and clinician postdoctoral researcher (Neuroimmunology Group
and Department of Clinical Neurology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University, UK)
• Laboratory and clinical research on autoimmune diseases of the nervous system, looking at clinical
features of diseases and their spectrums, developing methods of detection of autoantibodies and studying their pathogenic mechanisms in diseases like MG, NMO (2005 -) and PERMS (2009 -)
• NMO clinic (with Dr Palace, 2008 -). The team was recently awarded funding from
the National commissioning group to run a national NMO clinic jointly with The Walton Centre, Liverpool.
• MS trials clinic, as lead treating physician (2007 -)
• Clinical and laboratory UK multicentre study into late-onset MG (2007 -)
• “International randomized study comparing thymectomy to no thymectomy
in non-thymomatous MG patients” (2006 -)

<— Dimitrios Karussis      Roland Liblau —>

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